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2016 - In a Nutshell!

WOW! What a year 2016 has been for Belle & Bride. I have met so many lovely people, worked on many many different styles of weddings and got to travel around the whole of the UK and even to Italy!

And the best thing about styling at such different weddings, is that I have got to showcase my creativity and talent in hairstyling in so many different ways. From styles to suit classic, winter weddings to the height of summer festival weddings… and I have had such a blast! So here is a a round up (or a nut shell!) of my favourite and most popular styles of 2016 –

‘The Unstructured Up-do’

As you will have seen from my website, insta etc, I am all about the relaxed, vintage, boho stylkes that will stay put all day. And there’s no better style than this to showcase that! This style can be adapted to range from very loose and ‘messy’ to more structured in order to suit the dress and the wedding. It is also great for brides that do not want to have to pay any attention or touch their hair and will stay exactly in place all day. It can be styled with a variety of different accessories – tiaras, combs, vines, pins and flowers. Also great for a veil of any length!

‘The Half Up Do’

This is a great, adaptable style for all lengths of hair. Again, can be adapted to suit the style of dress and wedding. Loose waves with braids for vintage or cull bouncy curls with plenty of height to the crown for a more classic style. Again, all accessories can be used but be careful to not choose anything that is too heavy as it very hard to keep it secure and can drag the hair down. Flowers can be added and veils of any length can be used – just keep that comb short and light!

‘The Flower Crown Up-Do’

You may be mistaken in thinking that flower crowns can only be used in hair down or half up styles – WRONG! One of my fave wedding styles of 2016 was a loose up do – shaped and positioned for the flower crown to sit comfortably on top of the head while feeling and looking like part of the style. The theme of the wedding was ‘midsummer nights dream’ – SO perfect! Top tip: Be VERY specific about the size of the flower crown you would like to your florist and if possible ask to try one on if possible. So often the crown arrives and it is a lot more bulky and prominent than expected. Also think about if you want a ribbon / string showing or you can ask your florist for a hook and eye which is easier to hide!

‘The Braids, Braids and more Braids’

Braids and plaits were MASSIVE in 2016 and I’ve got a feeling they aint going anywhere in 2017! They can be used in any style and can be styled in so many different ways – French plait, fishtail plaits, pancake plait, halo braid, shell braid… - the list goes on and I can’t get enough of it!

‘The Up-do that’s a Down-do’

Such a great, great style for anyone that wants to keep the length of their hair down but maybe wants more detail and structure than a down do. Great in long, thisck hair but one of two extensions can always be added! Looks awesome with both small flowers or with a hair vine or pins – but veils here!

Thank you 2016 for being so kind to me and being one of the best years for myself and Belle & Bride. I look forward to what 2017 brings!

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