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Froyle Park, Alton, Surrey

It was such an honour to be asked to style the hair for this lovely bride Jess and her four bridesmaids – Zoe, Luella, Victoria and Marietta. And what fun girls they all were!

After carrying out a trial for two of the bridesmaids (one for Zoe with her long,blonde hair and one with Luella with her red, curly hair) the bride and I decided that all the girls would have the same style but adapted to suit their hair lengths and hair types.

Jess had a separate trial where we tried out 3 very different based on 50’s inspiration. I was thrilled when Jess decided upon the style shown in the pictures as I felt it incorporated her hair piece, hair pins and absolutely beautiful cathedral length veil perfectly!!!

On the day myself and the makeup artist (Kirsty from Live Life Beautiful) had a VERY early start of 4.15 am and headed down to the beautiful venue of Froyle Park, Alton. The morning was busy but ran very smoothly as Kirsty and I were so well prepared with our timings.

I used Patrick Cameron hair padding within each of the styles and Dirty Looks hair extensions in a few of the bridesmaids hair where required. I used my favourite hair spray, cheap and cheerful Loreal normal hold and extra firm hold where necessary to finish off each look.

The bride Jess decided to get dressed in the quietness of her parent’s suite and asked me to join her there when she was ready for the veil to be attached. When I entered the room, I can honestly say my breath was taken away – Jess had definitely nailed it!

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