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Booking Process

  1. Booking enquiries can be made via Belle & Bride’s website, telephone or email.

  2. Belle & Bride will supply an estimate and confirm availability.

  3. To secure the booking, clients must pay a non-refundable deposit of £50. The balance is the remainder plus any travel charges.

  4. Belle & Bride will provide a booking summary and confirm receipt of the deposit. It is the client's responsibility to check the booking summary and ensure that Belle & Bride is notified of any errors within 7 days of receipt.

Please note that the booking is not final until the deposit has been paid in full and Belle & Bride has confirmed receipt in writing.


Minimum Booking - May - September Weddings 

Belle & Bride requires a minimum of 3 adult clients at a wedding. (One bride and 2 others) A surcharge may apply if there are less than 3 adult clients. The surcharge will be charged at the rate of an additional adult bridesmaid, until the minimum of 3 adult clients is reached. This term may be relaxed for weekday weddings - get in touch to discuss further with Joanna. 

Minimum Booking - October - April Weddings 

The above term may be relaxed for low season and/or weekday weddings. Please get in touch to discuss further with Joanna. 



Once the client has confirmed the estimate, Belle & Bride will provide a deposit invoice. The deposit can be paid by bank transfer by debit or credit card.

The trial is payable to Joanna on the day of the trial by cash or by bank transfer to reach Belle & Bride’s account before the day of the trial.

The balance is payable to Belle & Bride by bank transfer and is to reach the account a week before the day of the wedding. We do not accept payments by credit/debit card or cash on the day of the wedding.

The price agreed at the time of booking is final, so if Belle & Bride's price list changes it will not affect your agreed rate.

The balance payment of weddings outside of the UK must be paid and cleared two weeks before Joanna leaves the country. All booking details, travel and accommodation must be agreed by the Joanna and the client before departure.


All discounts and special offers are agreed at the time of booking based on the number booking. If the number changes any discounts will no longer be applicable and full price may be charged.


Cancellation fees

If for some reason you cancel your booking, your cancellation must be confirmed by email or telephone.

If a wedding or part of booking is cancelled within 14 days of the wedding date, the balance is required in full. 

Your deposit is non refundable

Please note that all changes or cancellations must be stated in writing.


Assistant Stylists

Belle & Bride only takes bookings for weddings when Joanna has availability. Joanna will always style the brides hair. If required, an assistant may need to be booked for an additional £50 for assistance with bridesmaids, mothers and guests. This will be dependent on the size of the bridal party, location and time of the wedding, Joanna will normally advise on this at the trial unless she can foresee this on the details supplied by the bride at the time of the booking.

Joanna works alongside a select few make-up artists that she will recommend to the client where required. She will normally include the details and pricing of the make-up artist through Belle & Bride dependent on the number of people requiring the make-up artists services. A £50 deposit may be required to hold the date for the make-up artist.

Joanna will be happy to recommend other hair stylists on dates where she does not have availability.  



We want our clients to be happy with Joanna and assistant stylists. If a client decides to cancel a wedding booking after a trial, the deposit for any wedding day charges will be refunded.

The trial and travel money paid to Joanna is completely non-refundable.

If you require a second trial you will need to pay the full trial amount. Exceptions may apply.


Belle & Bride cancellations

In exceptional circumstances Joanna may need to cancel a booking. This has never happened before but, if it does all attempts will be made to find an alternative stylist. If this is not possible or is unacceptable to the client, Belle & Bride will refund 100% of the deposit.


Notification should be given of any changes to the booking and trial as soon as possible. This includes changes to the number of clients, location, dates and times. It is the client’s responsibility to do this as we cannot guarantee Joanna and assistant stylists to be available all day. 


Changes must be confirmed in writing via email or in person and are not accepted as written notice until you have received a reply from Joanna.


Change of wedding date

Joanna will do her best to rebook herself (and the original assistant stylist where required) for the new date. 


Change to number of clients

A new price will be calculated based on our current price list to reflect any changes in the bridal party. 

Please note that if the change results in the number of adults dropping below the minimum booking - the standard surcharge will apply.  If a wedding or part of booking is cancelled within 14 days of the wedding date, the balance is required in full.


Change of location  

Belle & Bride may need to add travel and accommodation charges if the location changes.

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