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Six beautiful bridesmaids...

So the wedding that I styled for on Saturday 30th April was unusual in the fact that one of the six bridesmaids was put in charge of organising the hair styling... Firstly, what a chilled lady the bride must be and secondly what a great bridesmaid to take that responsibility off the bride's soldiers! The hair is such a major part of most brides' thoughts for her bridesmaid's styling so to leave it to them has to be commended! It also meant that we could more creative with each bridesmaid's style and the girls could have the EXACT style that they each wanted - win win all round!

As the wedding had a festival theme - we wanted to achieve relaxed and boho styles to suit. There was no up do's with this lot - beach curls and dutch braids were the order of the day. The bridesmaid Lucy had sent me inspo pics with detailed notes for each bridesmaid a couple of weeks before the big day, so that we were all on the same page. The girls hair types ranged from long, thick and naturally red to bob length, thinner and baby pink!

As the girls needed to be ready fairly early I enlisted the help of the ever brilliant - Kirsty from Live Life Beautiful. We achieved the varying curl styles by using various techniques - curling wands, waving wands and velcro rollers and a newly loved addition of Loreal Pli Heat Protection spray to keep all those curls in! Pure perfection for a festival wedding ;0)

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