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How to get the best out of your hair trial!

First of all, my sincere apologies that I have not posted for so so long... but it has been one crazy wedding season this year! And with my first weekend off since April (although I did style at a wedding on Friday, so does that count?!), I thought I would do a few updates on my website including a new blog post!

So, this idea has been brewing for a month or so now. For people that follow me on Instagram, you will know that I am currently reading Blog, Inc by Joy Cho for much needed blog inspo. Give me anything creative to do and I will normally always be able to do it but writing has never been my strong point but as with everything for the love of my business, I give it my best shot!

I get many different reactions to the prospect of having a hair trial with me. Mostly its pure excitement but for many of my brides it can be a daunting and nerve wracking prospect. Normally it is because it is fitting the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle to their overall 'look'. The dress is sorted, normally the shoes, veil, colours, themes, details are sorted and this is the final part. Therefore, I have put together the following tips on how I think you can get the best out of your hair trial...

1. Date of trial - think carefully about when you want your trial to take place. I advise that it takes place between three months and two weeks before the big day. The dress needs to be decided so that I can advise on the styles to compliment the dress but the veil / accessories / flowers can be decided at the trial so please think about this when booking in a trial. You do not want to be running round trying to find a veil at the last minute!

2. Time of trial - I know it might sound crazy but I always to say allow 2-3 hours for a bridal trial and 1-2 hours for guest / MOTB / bridesmaid trials. Everyone is always surprised by this but its not long if you want to try a few styles, there may be a few tweaks to get your perfect do and it will fly by! Therefore select a time when you will feel relaxed and not rushed - after all you should leave feeling pampered and relaxed.

3. Second opinions - I am of course all for you bringing a sister / friend / mum etc to the trial but more than one or two opinions can be way too overwhelming for a bride! if you would also like to combine bridesmaid trials that is absolutely fine but I normally limit this to a maximum of a bride plus two bridesmaid trials at the same time. It really can be a very long day for everyone involved otherwise and therefore counter productive. If you would like trials for more all your bridesmaids (and it is more than 2!) I am more than happy to do these separate to the bride!

4. Be prepared! - The more information you can give me on your wedding, the more I can design your prefect hairstyle. Before the trial I ask you to send me any hair inspo images you have collected for you and your bridesmaids, images of your dress, images of the bridesmaid dresses, colours, themes, flowers and any other details you feel are relevant. This can be done through individual images or a few of my designer brides have sent me mood boards like the image attached (but I obviously do not expect this!) The images allow me to build up an image of your entire wedding and advise on styles, accessories, flowers for the hair and help me to create your perfect hairstyle.

5. Voice your opinions - I know this does not come naturally to everyone and I am definately the sort of person that finds this difficult. BUT this is so important in order to achieve the most out of your trial and I promise that I will not be offended. However, please do not go the other way and be rude. Rudeness is never a pretty trait for a bride to be!

6. Relax and Enjoy!

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